Our Connection with Nature

Inspired by the Tree of Life, our brand develops its products accordingly and puts them into service around the world.

The Tree of Life or the Tree of Saints… According to belief, the roots of this tree, which rises from the middle of the world, go underground, and its branches rise to the top of the world mountain. Thus, this sacred tree connects all three levels of the earth (sky, earth and underground).
The first man was created under this nine-knotted tree. The Tree of Life connects people with each other and with nature. According to the belief, it ascends to the heavens beyond being seen with the naked eye and reaches the heavenly realm of light in the sky.

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Natural bedding components are in an escalation in the bedding industry.

And with the leading natural fibre processor in the world our company Innova Bedding is one of the biggest supplier of natural fillings in the world. We Innova Bedding are wanting the world to share same dream as us. A natural environment for everybody starting with a perfect natural sleep. Sleeping is a very important part of our lives. And natural beds are offering more quality, more comfortable and more healthy sleep. Beds with natural components are offering a special feeling while we sleep with it’s cozy, luxurious and fresh structure. Most of the leading bed manufacturers are using natural components to create their perfect beds for their customers. We Innova Bedding are offering you a chance to put yourself on the list with those leading manufacturers. You can see all the details about natural components on the following pages.

Horse Hair

FR Barrier


Camel Wool

Coco Coir Fibre