Natural bedding components are in an escalation in the bedding industry. And with the leading natural fibre processor in the world our company Innova Bedding is one of the biggest supplier of natural fillings in the world. We Innova Bedding are wanting the world to share same dream as us.
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Innova Bedding provides reliable consultancy for mattress manufacturers


* The company changes marketing models by designing with new products


Innova Bedding, with leadership of Önder Honi who has an experience of 18 years in the mattress industry has been serving the mattress industry by producing innovative and natural solutions. Innova Bedding represents some European and Canadian companies in the Middle East, Asia, the Balkans and Caucasus. The company represents the Canadian firm Vista Medical in 25 Countries. Apart from this, Innova Bedding represents Enkev, a well-known firm from Holland, in 21 countries. Also a well-known firm from Italy, Imbotex is one of the firms that Innova Bedding represents. Innova Bedding is able to supply mainly natural filling and wadding materials but also all bedding components and accessories from world to Turkey and from Turkey to the world. The name Innova is originated from innovation, which is one of the main pillars of the company.

Önder Honi said, ?We offer consulting services for mattress producers to make them international. We are trying to adept their mentalities to international business. We are changing products designs, marketing approach by launching brand new approaches.?

Global networking is one of the main jobs of Innova Bedding. People always look for machinery, material, design etc. Innova Bedding has a global network to find almost all of them. Sourcing is another part of Innova Bedding. They are able to offer almost 100 different mattress components for the industry.

Thanks to Innova Bedding product network, they can also supplies properties of products like the coolness of cotton, thermal comfort of wool, incredible natural comfort of horsehair, pressure lowering natural latex foam, the natural antibacterial, comfort effect of coco, antimony free fibers and healing accelerator fillings like Celliant. Innova Bedding can supply you 3D Mesh Fabric for the air circulation, all kinds of pillows and gel products which provide you cool effect on the bed.

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