Our Connection With Nature From Before…

Although Innova Bedding has been established for only 6 years, the business idea and its foundations go back a long time.

The fact that both our business idea and our history in the mattress industry are based on many years shows itself in the roots of the tree of life in our logo. The fact that the tree of life has been adopted in almost every thought system, religion and trend for many years shows that Innova Bedding is an international and intercultural company.

Our philosophy

Our specialization in natural, organic and innovative products represents our philosophy of protecting the world for many years and leaving a clean world to future generations in the trunk of our tree of life. The virtue of giving unconditionally in the branches, leaves and shade of the tree of life demonstrates the purpose of Innova Bedding to be a social company. And the opportunity for trees to grow freely as far as the sky can stretch, expands Innova Bedding’s growth horizons as much as the sky.

Working With Us Is A Privilege

Now, it’s time to create our own trees of life with you, our valued business partners, and become a big forest. We hope that you will like our catalog products that we are trying to present to you, and we look forward to working with you.