Natural bedding components are in an escalation in the bedding industry. And with the leading natural fibre processor in the world our company Innova Bedding is one of the biggest supplier of natural fillings in the world. We Innova Bedding are wanting the world to share same dream as us.

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100% Latex Neck Support Pillow

AnasayfaLATEX100% Latex Neck Support Pillow

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100% Latex Neck Support Pillow

Due to their high elasticity, these pillows provide excellent pressure relief while providing stable support in any sleeping position.
With its curved structure, it provides the right support to the neck area throughout the night.
It is much longer lasting than other pillows.
Air permeability is very high compared to visco pillows.
Its perforated structure allows it to breathe and air circulation.
Thanks to its natural content, it helps for a healthy sleep.
Natural latex obtained from 20% rubber tree sap, 80% synthetic latex sponge.

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