Pack Spring

Bag Carcass :

Standard bag carcass springs provide a high level of comfort. Since each coil is in a single interlining, it has an independent spring feature. It helps the body to relax by taking its form by producing with different wire diameters (zoned) in the same carcass. Production is carried out in TS-7167 quality standards. Technical details are below.

  • Bag spring diameter: 40 – 70 mm
  • Bag carcass height: 70 – 200 mm
  • Bag carcass wire diameter: 1.30 mm – 2.20 mm
  • Number of springs per m2 of bag carcass: 195 – 600 pieces
  • Number of spins of bag carcass spring : 5 -10 spins

Bag carcass frame information:

  • Can be produced without a frame
  • Can be produced with Bottom / Top or Bottom interlining
  • Standard 10 x 1.40 mm lamella frame
  • Circular frame can be made (can not be rolled)
  • Bag carcass packaging information: Rolled paper wrap (3 – 10 carcasses in a roll)
  • Bag carcass width: Can be produced up to 200 cm
  • Bag carcass size: Production can be made in any desired length
  • Bag carcass production method:
  • Zone can be made in the desired number and order
  • If desired, 3 different wire diameter zones can be made in the carcass.
  • Bonding from the middle to the top and bottom interlining, bottom interlining and middle
  • If desired, it can be produced without sticking (intestines).
  • Bag carcass interlining information: 60 – 80 gr/m2 spunbond, needlepunch wire