100% Latex Pillow – Cotton Inner Cover & Outer Cover (70x40x12cm)

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    INNOVA BEDDING 100% Latex Pillow – Cotton Inner Cover & Cotton Outer Cover (70x40x12cm) 

    Superior Features of Latex Pillows:

    • Its elasticity is very high. It does not collapse like sponge, visco or fiber pillows.
    • It maintains its elasticity throughout the night.
    • It is much longer lasting than other pillows.
    • Air permeability is very high compared to visco pillows.
    • Its perforated structure allows it to breathe and air circulation.
    • Thanks to its natural content, it helps for a healthy sleep.


    Product sizes :

    • 70x40x12cm


    Pillow Material ;

    • Natural latex obtained from 20% rubber tree sap, 80% synthetic latex sponge.


    İç Kılıf :

    • The inner cover is made of flexible and 100% cotton single jersey fabric.


    Dış Kılıf :

    • Cotton.
    • It has zipper and can be washed at 30C.
    • It has a soft texture.
    • It is a very strong liquid absorbent.
    • It is a type of breathable fabric.
    • It is flexible.
    • It has high strength in every aspect.
    • It can be washed many times and does not lose its color.
    • It is bright.


    Pillow Bag :

    • Made of Natural Linen and Natural Jute.
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