100% Natural Lavender Sleep Bag

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    • The lavender sachet-pillow lavender pad you are reviewing was hand-printed with lavender seeds carefully collected from the Lavender Village of Isparta Kuyucak, in a 100% natural cotton fabric that does not contain any mixture, and with natural dyes obtained entirely from plant roots without using any chemical dyes, it was produced by sewing without using glue. .
    • Both previous traditional knowledge and increasing clinical studies in recent years have shown that the scent of lavender increases the overall sleep quality when used in a soothing, relaxing and tension-relieving way for a comfortable and deep sleep.
    • Thanks to these properties, lavender is good for falling asleep, sleep time and insomnia problems.
    • The scent of lavender has a very good calming effect for nerves and anxiety problems.
    • In addition, it is designed as flat for ergonomics of use under the pillow.
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