Artisan Handmade 100% Natural Mattress

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    • Long, strong and durable hemp fiber; It conducts heat, resists mold, blocks ultraviolet light and has natural anti-bacterial properties. Cannabis, which has been used in various fields for centuries; When blended with cotton, linen, silk and wool, it gives a softer feel and adds resistance and durability to the product.
    • The superior moisture absorption feature of 100% natural cotton with Gots Certificate in its upper layer provides you with excellent comfort.
    • With Euro Latex certified completely natural latex layers obtained from the sap of the rubber tree, air circulation is provided in our specially designed mattress that can breathe and a spacious sleeping environment is created for you.
    • The full support provided to your spine is ideal for a healthy night’s sleep thanks to the pocket spring’s ability to move together. At the same time, our product preserves its natural content with its cotton bag spring!
    • The Coco in it is made of completely natural coconut fibers and natural latex. Coconut fiber is very tough because it has a very high lignin content. Despite this toughness, it is also elastic. The fiber almost never degrades over time.
    • Durable cotton fabric is used that provides high humidity control.
    • Our product is handmade, it does not contain any chemicals, including glue.
    • Pet friendly
    • Humidity Control
    • Breathable
    • Self Cleaning
    • Basic Regulation
    • Chlorine Free Wash
    • Natural
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