Cappadocia Tales Handmade 100% Natural Mattress

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    • The horsehair in our bedding is very flexible by nature and has great ventilation properties. This, in turn, meets you with the effect of your mattress removing moisture from the body and providing a comfortable microclimate. Thus, you can sleep comfortably in hot and cold conditions. It is long-lasting and durable, capable of resisting even very high weights. This gives you a longer usage time for your mattress.
    • The superior moisture absorption feature of 100% natural cotton with Gots Certificate in its upper layer and the excellent breathability of horsehair come together to offer you a natural, spacious and comfortable sleeping environment.
    • With Euro Latex certified completely natural latex layers obtained from the sap of the rubber tree, air circulation is provided in our specially designed mattress that can breathe and a spacious sleeping environment is created for you.
    • The full support provided to your spine is ideal for a healthy night’s sleep thanks to the pocket spring’s ability to move together. At the same time, our product preserves its natural content with its cotton bag spring!
    • The Coco in it is made of completely natural coconut fibers and natural latex. Coconut fiber is very tough because it has a very high lignin content. Despite this toughness, it is also elastic. The fiber almost never degrades over time.
    • Durable linen fabric is used that provides high humidity control.
    • Our product is handmade, it does not contain any chemicals, including glue.
    • Pet friendly
    • Humidity Control
    • Breathable
    • Self Cleaning
    • Basic Regulation
    • Chlorine Free Wash
    • Natural


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