Cotton Minno Natural Baby Bed

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    • As you know, sleep is extremely important for babies. Research shows that newborn babies sleep at least 16 hours a day. The reason for this is that babies cannot fully complete their development in the womb. For this reason, their mental and physical development continues for a certain period of time after they are born. In this development process, the place where your baby spends the most time is undoubtedly his bed. That’s why baby beds should not be in the form of an ordinary bed. They complete most of their mental development in the REM stage, which is the active sleep stage. Physically, since the bone and spine structures cannot complete their development, the bed they lie on should be of medium-hardness. If a soft mattress is used, it will not be possible for the bone and spine to develop. Because your baby will be buried in the bed and the strength of his bones against the bed will be reduced to a minimum. Apart from that, the air your babies breathe is also very important. Unfortunately, you are faced with this problem in beds that use chemicals.



    Layer Contents and Dimensions:

    • 80% Natural Cotton Outer Sheath
    • 100% Natural Cotton Inner Cover
    • 1st Layer: 1.5 cm Natural Cotton
    • 2nd Layer: 5cm Latex
    • Layer 3: 1 cm of Coconut Fiber
    • Layer 4: 5cm Latex
    • 5th Layer: 1.5cm Natural Cotton
    • Bed Length: 14 cm


    100% Natural Cotton:

    • The cotton in our Baby Bed is 100% natural.
    • It also has GOTS Certification.
    • Besides being natural, being biodegradable is one of the main features of cotton.
    • It has no adverse effects on the environment. Therefore, it does not cause any harm to the environment.
    • Breathability is high.
    • It does not trap heat and does not allow moisture to evaporate.
    • Due to these properties, it creates a cool environment in hot weather and a warm environment in cold weather.
    • Due to its structure, it is long-lasting and durable.
    • It has hypoallergenic properties.
    • It is suitable for asthma and skin disorders.
    • Thanks to its antibacterial feature, it does not allow the reproduction of bacteria and fungi.
    • It absorbs odor and contains much less odor than other raw materials.
    • Since it is very compatible with skin contact, it takes your sleep comfort to the next level.
    • It is suitable for asthma and skin disorders.


    %100 Lateks :

    • It is produced completely naturally by making the essence of the rubber tree solid.
    • It is long lasting.
    • It supports the human body.
    • They have high elasticity.
    • Air permeability is high.
    • Humidity management is top notch.
    • It prevents fungal growth due to its antifungal properties. It is hygienic.

    Coconut Fiber:

    • Coconut fiber is a very hard and at the same time very elastic material due to its structure.
    • It is a product that adapts naturally to the human body.
    • The wear rate is very low.
    • With the latex extract squeezed on the coconut plate; It has hypoallergenic, antibacterial and moth resistant properties.
    • It is ventilable.
    • It has a self-cleaning feature.


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