Natural Latex Mattress Pad 4 cm

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    Natural Latex Latex Mattress Pad 4cm

    • Made of 100% latex for the extra comfort you seek in your bed, Innova Bedding mattress pads offer you a healthy and comfortable sleep all night long. Latex pads, which have a relaxing and restful function on the muscle structure, do not make you sweat during the night thanks to the breathing air channels and provide a sound sleep experience. For the sleep we spend most of our lives, Innova Bedding mattress pads offer a healthy sleep thanks to its latex content and 100% cotton fabric. It is anti-allergic and helps protect your health.
    • Thanks to the latex pads you will add to your mattress, you can remove many unwanted effects in a more practical way. At the same time, it will be an extra protector you provide for your bed and an indispensable comfort provider for your body. You can also use our latex pads as floor pads for babies.

    Product features;

    • Thanks to its natural latex content, it provides sleep comfort in the most compatible way with human anatomy.
    • Thanks to its high flexibility ability, it reduces the number of sleep interruptions by reducing the rotational movements during sleep.
    • Thanks to its special breathable, double plate fabric, it helps to create a fresh and natural sleeping environment.
    • Thanks to its zippered cover, it can be removed at any time and washed at 30 degrees.
    • Thanks to its washable cover, the product can be used for many years. It does not contain bacteria and odor.
    • It is preferred to renew old or outdated mattresses economically and effectively.
    • It is preferred to increase the usage time of your new mattresses and to enjoy the natural latex comfort in every sleep.
    • It provides orthopedic comfort for people suffering from waist, neck, back and body pains and helps to reduce pain.
    • It maximizes the sleep quality by minimizing the sound and vibration in your spring mattresses.
    • It is ergonomic, folds easily and does not take up much space in your home.
    • It is suitable for use as a guest bed on a sofa-bed or as a floor bed.

    Product Technical Detail;

    • It is medium hard.
    • Both sides can be used.
    • 60 DNS Natural Latex
    • 280 gr. High Fill Knitted Fabric.
    • Height 5cm.
    • It is easily fixed to the bed thanks to the elastics on its four corners.
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