Onder Honi, Manager INNOVA BEDDING: “Visitors of Sleepwell Expo are B2B buyers”

I am one of the proposing this fair in the early stages and take part of its realization. The concept of the fair is right. There is no similar fair in the region where the mattress industry is growing fast and steadily by 10 to 15 % growth rates. Timing is also good; it is held in a time when people are mostly able to travel. When judged from this point, the fair goes well. We as participating companies emphasize on the profiles of the visitors more than their numbers. I am more interested in the visitors of the booths not the people walking on corridors. Visitors of the Sleepwell Expo are B2B buyers. They can meet a wide range of product categories and are able to get to know them directly. That helps them to develop new products by using these products and offerings. I personally try to measure the pulse of the event, either with my direct contacts with visitors and by getting views and comments of those visitors coming from Italian, Greek and Dutch companies. I did not get any negative comment by now. As of my own company we are experiencing a great fair, and I know that it will be even more successful in the next edition of the fair.

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