100% Natural Latex Mattress 18cm

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    100% Natural Latex Mattress 18cm

    Made of 100% natural latex for the extra comfort you seek in your bed, Innova Bedding mattresses offer you a healthy and comfortable sleep all night long. Latex mattresses, which have a relaxing and restful function on the muscle structure, do not make you sweat during the night thanks to the breathing air channels and provide a sound sleep experience. For the sleep we spend most of our lives, Innova Bedding mattresses offer a healthy sleep thanks to its latex content and 100% cotton fabric. It is anti-allergic and helps protect your health.


    Product features;

    • Thanks to its 100% natural latex content, it provides sleep comfort in the most compatible way with human anatomy.
    • Thanks to its high flexibility ability, it reduces the number of sleep interruptions by reducing the rotational movements during sleep.
    • Thanks to its special breathable, double plate fabric, it helps to create a fresh and natural sleeping environment.
    • Thanks to its zippered cover, it can be removed at any time and washed at 30 degrees.
    • Thanks to its washable cover, the product can be used for many years. It does not contain bacteria and odor.
    • It provides orthopedic comfort for people suffering from waist, neck, back and body pains and helps to reduce pain.

    Product Technical Detail

    • It is medium hard.
    • Both sides can be used.
    • 80 DNS Natural Latex
    • 360 gr. High Fill Knitted Fabric.
    • Height 18cm.
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